Packaging and Sustainability

More than ever before, today’s consumers are educated and in-tune with the environmental and health consequences of their choice of food. The energy used to produce a packaged food product impacts the entire supply chain. This track will examine the long-term outlook for the sustainability of packaging and plastics and reveal insights from PepsiCo on its initiatives for driving progress forward.

Regulatory Affairs

This track will feature practical, need-to-know information on pressing issues from Bioengineered Food Disclosure compliance to FDA’s sodium reduction initiatives and nutrition claims. Whether you are a regulatory affairs manager or a plant manager, ensure your company is taking the steps now to remain safely in compliance and avoid future potential issues.

Market Trends and Insights

Which categories of snack products are on the rise and why? What new adventurous flavors are consumers experimenting with? When and why are they snacking? This track will explore the innovative landscape of the snack industry and how new and emerging products are meeting the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s snack consumer. From analysis of growth drivers to consumer preferences and the opportunities that the e-commerce revolution presents, these sessions will help you stay on the snack industry’s leading edge.

Latin American Snacks

Whether you are an established snack producer, looking to break into the market, or supply products and services in the region, success begins with understanding your consumer. The Latin American educational program, presented in English with a live Spanish translation, will feature insights from executives of leading snack producers in Latin America, and will examine what is driving growth by product category across Latin America.

Ya sea usted un productor de snacks establecido, buscando entrar en el mercado o proveer productos y servicios en la región, el éxito comienza entendiendo a su consumidor. El Programa Educacional América Latina, presentado en Inglés con traducción al Español simultaneamente, contará con la visión de ejecutivos líderes en la industria de snacks en América Latina, y examinará que está impulsando el cresimiento por categorías de productos en toda América Latina.