Invite Your Network to SNX!

It’s never too early to promote your presence and invite colleagues to SNX, March 27-29, 2022. The enclosed email templates and social media posts for Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are fully customizable, so feel free to add ingredients to make them your own, as long as you keep the messaging short and sweet.

Social Media Best Practices

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For more specifics on how to structure your posts, use the following table:

Sample Social Media Posts

Facebook Posts

Tips: Use videos and images to boost engagement.

Ready to unpack what it takes to increase profitability? Join us at #SNX22 for a hands-on experience focused on every element of snack production. Find us in [SUITE #].

Looking to take a bite out of the competition? Get in the Zone at #SNX22 to learn more about [YOUR AREA OF EXPERTISE]. Find us in [SUITE #] and in [NAME OF EXPERIENCE ZONE].

It all comes together at #SNX22, where you’re the most important ingredient! Register today at We’d love to talk with you about [YOUR AREA OF EXPERTISE] in [SUITE #].

LinkedIn Posts

Ready to break down traditional trade show barriers? Get in the Zone with top suppliers for a brand-new blend of education and industry engagement at #SNX22. Find us in [SUITE #].

Dig into hands-on education at #SNX22—from ingredients and processing to flavors, packaging and marketing. Find us in the [NAME OF EXPERIENCE ZONE].

Unwrap fresh, new perspectives at #SNX22. Let us take you through the process of [NAME OF EXPERIENCE ZONE] with our own unique blend of [EXPERTISE]. Register today at and visit us in [SUITE #].

Instagram Posts

Tips: Link to your website in the bio section. Linktree is a free resource you can use to create a unique link. Make sure you include #LinkInBio in your copy.

No booths here. It’s all pure experience from ingredients and processing to flavor, packaging, and marketing. Join us for fresh insights at #SNX22, where you’ll get in the Zone with top snack industry suppliers. Bring your biggest questions and together, we’ll find the solution in the [NAME OF EXPERIENCE ZONE].

Ready to dive into a rich experience that will take your profitability to the next level? Find [COMPANY NAME] in [SUITE #] @SNX. Register today at

Social Media Graphics

Sample Email

It All Comes Together at SNX

Dear [NAME],

This March, get ready for a brand-new opportunity that breaks down traditional tradeshow barriers and delivers fresh insights and new connections. This rich experience will take you through every stage of snack creation from ingredients and processing to flavor, packaging and marketing.

At every step of the way, you’ll be able to collaborate with top suppliers like [NAME]. Bring your biggest challenges to the [NAME OF EXPERIENCE ZONE], and we’ll help you unwrap a new level of learning while improving your products to exceed the demands of your customers.

You’ll also find us in [SUITE #], where together, we can explore how our latest innovations can boost your bottom line and accomplish your goals.

Learn more at [SNX WEBSITE] or contact us at [CONTACT INFO].



Learn more at [SNX WEBSITE].

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