SNAXPO Innovations Hub

For the second year in a row, the SNAXPO Innovations Hub puts the snack industry’s latest equipment and ingredient advances on full display in one efficient, state-of-the-art center attraction. Browse the Hub on the show floor next to the main entrance to see new products and technology to equip your operation for the future.

The SNAXPO Innovations Hub is an exciting promotional opportunity for SNAXPO19 that offers exhibitors a unique platform to highlight their latest innovations in equipment, ingredients, packaging and services. Each exhibitor may submit one entry for inclusion in the Innovations Hub. The cost is $2,750 and includes a wealth of promotion before, during and after the show.

Your entry must be truly innovative, meaning your product or service must have been released after SNAXPO 2017 (2 years). Apply here.

Contact Paul Lattan at or Steve Berne at for more information.

Phone: (816) 756-1000.

Toll-free: 800-338-6201


Your Destination for Innovation

Here’s a quick look at this year’s innovations:


BluePrint Automation (BPA) — Spider 200i | Booth 423
BPA has further developed a case packer that allows end users to vertically case pack snacks into standard RSC (tape) or re-usable cases on the same machine. The Spider 200i case packer will provide snack manufactures more versatility by allowing various product sizes and case types to be run on the same packaging line.


Codrico — Suprex Potato Replacer | Booth 633
Codrico’s Suprex portfolio is known worldwide and used by many manufacturers in the snack industry. The latest development offers a cost-efficient and tasty solution to replace dry potato components in various recipe s without losing taste, texture or functionality. Suprex Potato Replacer is a solution to substitute components such as flakes and granules in recipes for snack pellets, oven-baked and
laminated snacks, and reconstituted potato chips.


FAM Stumabo — FAM Centris Range with SureSet 16P Technology | Booth 415
The SureSet 16P is a cutting head for centrifugal slicing of potato and vegetable chips. It delivers better efficiency, higher ROI, and lower cost of ownership than any other existing solution. The FAM Centris range for potato slicing consists of nine patented and patent-pending
technologies and is designed with customers’ satisfaction in mind. That is why it features both user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness.


Heat and Control — Rotary Dryer Roaster | Booth 312
The Rotary Dryer Roaster is a multi-zone convection roaster that provides optimal roasting of nuts, seeds and protein snacks in a continuous, uniform, gentle and sanitary manner. Product pieces are evenly surrounded with heated air by a combined effect of convection heating and rotary motion while following ¬first-in, ¬first-out production principles. It is designed to accommodate American Meat Institute guidelines with clean-in-place capability.


Mennel — Popcorn Meal | Booth 113
The century-old makers of Mennel Flour, and more recently Mennel Popcorn, offer an innovative new ingredient to meet your custom production needs. Mennel Popcorn Meal is a popcorn-based ingredient providing key nutritional and functional benefits. Formulated using a truly unique process, Mennel Popcorn is taking this all-natural and all-American ancient grain to the next level.


Reading Bakery Systems — Low Pressure Extruder | Booth 413
Completely redesigned to improve safety, ef¬ficiency and ease of cleaning, the Low Pressure (LP) Extruder is a flexible machine for creating a variety of structural and flat extruded shaped products. Available exclusively from Reading Bakery Systems, this technology enables consistent and accurate production of pretzel shapes, sticks, braids, bread snacks, filled products and more — all with a simple change of forming dies.


Thayer Scale — Loss-in-Weight Sanitary Vibratory Feeder | Booth 431
To solve the challenge of applying the right portion of dry topical seasoning to fried, baked or extruded snack products, Thayer Scale introduced a combination of technologies, accurate measurement and proper flow promotion in a single package. The result, fewer processing steps and a response time fast enough to keep pace with dynamic changes in chip flow.


TNA — intelli-flav OMS 5.1 | Booth 301
The tna intelli-flav OMS 5.1 is the only on-machine seasoning system that offers both wet and dry seasoning in a single drum, providing the highest level of flexibility while consistently delivering an accurately seasoned product with minimum waste. The new design keeps maintenance requirements to a minimum due to fewer moving parts and simple, easy-access construction.


Star filters — Stainless Steel Plate and Frame Filter Presses | Booth 613
Hilliard Corp.’s Star Filter presses are designed and built to provide years of service and are available with a range of options to meet specifications. Star plate and frame filter presses are manufactured in multiple standard sizes and materials to match the requirements of your application. Better filtration means better quality, longer shelf life, better taste, less oil consumption, and lower disposal cost.