Where Snack Sensations Begin

The journey to a continually “craveable,” highly marketable product starts with the right raw ingredients. In this zone you will come to better understand the role each ingredient plays in your finished product—and why you can’t produce the best without using the best.

Where Snacks Take Shape

Just like that, a dense potato becomes a light-as-air chip. But you know it’s not really that simple. The SNX Processing Zone brings you inside this critical part of the snack production lifecycle for a closer look at how raw ingredients of all varieties take on entirely new forms. Here you’ll discuss the essential techniques and processes involved during this part of production, as well as the latest technology ushering new efficiencies into the marketplace.

Where Best Sellers Are Born

When a consumer craves a snack, they may be looking forward to a lifelong favorite—like butter popcorn or BBQ potato chips—or inspired to try an intriguing new flavor combo like chili lime jerky or sweet sriracha chickpeas. The snack market is seeing an explosion of new and refined flavors, and the Flavor Zone is where you’ll explore them all.

Where the Freshest Ideas are Unwrapped

Unwrap what sets you apart, from eye-catching graphics to sustainable materials. Understand the full array of packaging options available and the benefits of each, discover the latest innovations in more sustainable packaging and explore concepts for convenience and stay-fresh packaging that extend the life of your product and broaden its appeal.

Where Supply Meets Demand

You’re ready. You’ve sourced and processed your ingredients, flavored them to perfection and effectively packaged the result. Now it’s time to make sure your creation gets in the hands of consumers everywhere. Filled with current marketing insights, e-commerce solutions and logistics support, the Market Zone has everything snack producers need to connect their products with the consuming public. Talk directly with co-packers in collaboration kiosks, and learn how to boost market penetration and customer awareness for your product through “SNAC Bites” pop-up education presentations and producer-supplier engagement activities.