After the pitch competition, SNX attendees will have the chance to sample products and interact with the entrepreneurs behind the finalist companies as well as semifinalists at the SNAC Tank Showcase.

The finalists:

Candid: maker of Noons, which are sustainably and ethically sourced cacao crunch bites packaged in compostable packaging. Noons are low in sugar and the first product to use cacao as a sweetener.

Daily Crunch Snacks: a sprouted nuts brand with a mission to reducing stigma around mental health; a portion of all proceeds go to The Support Network.

Eat the Change: producer of Cosmic Carrot Chews, a planet and kid-friendly carrot snack with simple ingredients, sweetened with fruit juice, and containing a full serving of carrots in every pouch.

Ka-Pop!: a baked, sorghum-based, vegan snack ring producer made with cold-pressed oil. Sorghum is an environmentally friendly ancient grain.

Pulp Pantry: producer of Pulp Chips, which are veggie chips made with upcycled, fresh vegetable juice pulp. The company seeks to reduce food waste while creating better-for-you, planet-friendly snacks.

Confirmed semifinalists include OMG! Pretzels, Revol Snax, Teton Valley Brands, and Wine Chips